Debt collection

One of your French customers refuses or delays paying you. You want to remind them in an effective manner in order to get prompt payment, without paying fees in a costly procedure that will harm your customer relationship.

D'Ormane takes responsibility and only charges fees in case of success, on the amount recovered. You have nothing to pay in the event of failure.

How the procedure goes

Upon receipt of your file, we study it carefully and immediately start the action that seems the most effective way to obtain a quick settlement. We always give priority to an amicable settlement over legal proceedings, moving forward step by step:

  • Out of court approach: written, telephone, SMS and email reminders
  • Negotiations: payment schedule or settlement agreement
  • Starting legal proceedings if necessary
  • Transfer of monies received at end of month

Monitoring your cases

Your client area is accessible in English and allows you to view the progress of your cases, payments received, and to pass on new business. Every step of our procedure is updated daily and you are notified by email or fax.

Charging principle

  Risk-free formula
Application fees None
Fees Fixed percentage of amounts recovered
Costs in event of failure None